Counselling Can Help

  • those who are struggling with some aspect of their life
  • assist with self development & personal growth
  • to create healthy relationships & effective communication
  • increase self confidence, self esteem & self awareness
  • bring relief to those having to live with depression and anxiety
  • those who are taking responsibility for a problem and are ready for a change
  • to help those suffering from psychological trauma to cope, and recover

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Counsellor Supervision


"The purposes of supervision are to increase competency, promote the professional growth of the supervisee, enhance the supervisees' safe and effective use of self in the therapeutic relationship, discuss the direction of therapy, and safeguard the welfare of the client."  - ACCT 2015


If you are a new counsellor or an experienced counsellor, feeling isolated and detached from your peers and in need of support, I offer a competency-based, process oriented framework for effective counselling practice.  I work with supervisees in a variety of areas that you may have questions or concerns about.  While we will explore interventions, boundaries, grief and loss, working with couples, anxiety and depression, trauma, ethics and treatments, we will also focus on the business side of your practice including areas such as marketing, recordkeepping and business practices. Through my supervision, I offer a holistic approach to counselling and your counselling business.

I believe that supervision should be accessible to everyone, and as such, I keep my rates low and the services that I provide offered within an environment of inclusion and collaboration. I believe that we learn from oneanother as we make connections and share resources.

I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) and a Registered Counselling Supervisor (RCS) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT).

I offer ongoing, comprehensive Supervision for both new and senior counsellors, from all approaches and modalities, through individual and group sessions. Groups with both experienced and new counsellors offer opportunities to meet and share thoughts and  feelings so that one does not feel alone in their experience. It provides a safe, non-judgmental space and a time to share and reflect on thoughts and feelings about one's counselling practice in order to deepen their client services and professionalism.

Please see the ACCT of Canada for more details and requirements.

"Supervision provides a framework within which a counsellor can offer an accounting, reflect on performance and receive feedback and or guidance. Regular ongoing supervision can be helpful for enhancing quality of service offered and continuing professional development and support. Supervision is beneficial for improved client care, effective self-care and career development."   

Individual Supervision: $120.00 per one hour session 

  • Open to counsellors at any level of experience and modality
  • One session suggested to take place (approximately) every 6 to 8 weeks depending on caseload
  • Focus on particular client files
  • In depth discovery of areas discussed in group supervision sessions
  • Emphasis on unconscious process within client and therapist relationship
  • Will allow for engagement in one's own personal process
  • Sessions may take place in person or on an online platform


Group Supervision:  $140.00 per three hour session 

  • Open to new and established counsellors
  • May be a participant independant of individual supervision if you are an established counsellor
  • Offered on a pay-per-attendance basis
  • Groups take place approximately every 6 - 8 weeks throughout the year online
  • New members welcome to join groups throughout the year
  • Focus on a different topics at each session including but not limited to; process-oriented supervision, case studies, intervention & treatment, wellness practices, communication skills, boundariess, transference/countertransference, ethical practices, resistence, client files & record keeping, marketing, business practices, psychosocial assessment.


If you are interested in supervision, please feel free to contact me at

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